Air Compressor

We are the Authorized Dealer of FS Compressors India Pvt. Ltd. Chakan, Pune, a group company of Fushun Industrial Co. ltd.Curtis & Co. Founded at St. Louis, MO. USA in 1854. lt Has 19 plants across the globe,and are the 3rd largest manufacturer globally for compressed air solutions. Our product range comprises of:
3-20 HP in piston compressors (lubricated and oil free type) (Single Stage And Two Stage) 10 – 40 HP booster compressors for high pressure upto 40 bar (g)
5 – 500 HP in Oil Injected Screw Air Compressors .
20 – 250 HP Water Injected Oil Free Screw Compressors 5- 20 HP oil free scroll compressors
250 -4500 HP centrifugal compressors.

A Series

  1. All units use large disc-type valves made from Swedish steel for high efficiency and long durability.
  2. The copper tube is fitted with high-efficiency cooling fins that effectively reduce gas working temperature and increase air compression efficiency.
  3. Long life industrial design compression and oil control rings are used to assure maximum performance.
  4. Precision-machined cylinder walls are honed glass-smooth to reduce friction and ware to a minimum. Extra-deep fins provide increase cooling and greater strength.
  5. For continuous-running air compressor. Un-loader lets the unit idle load-free until air supply drop to cut-in pressure automatically lets unit idle again after high pressure limit is reached.
  6. Airfoil-type spike provides a continuous powerful blast of cooling air for all parts of the compressor. Balanced fly wheel provides smooth vibration less operation.
  7. Deep directional fins provide quick cooling.  Compact streamlined air passages in the cylinders head permit fast, efficient flow of cooler intake and rapid removal of discharge air.

In Rotary Screw Compressor we have two series Seg. & Sem. features are:

  1. dBA Shield Noise Reduction.
  2. eCool Technology reduces thermal stress and increases service life up to 50% longer for motors ad electrical components and up to 30-50% longer for bearings, hoses and seals
  3. Built to the highest levels of dependability and reliability
  4. Multiple function inlet and discharge valves reduce connections by up to 90%
  5. AIMS controller: The easy-to-read informative menu structure simplifies operation, plus the many features provide protection and ease maintenance. Warming /alarm and shutdown function give you dual-level protection. It can be connect the computer for software updates.