Servo Controlled
Voltage Stabilizer

Air Cooled: single phase, lKVA to 20 KVA Air Cooled: 3 phase, 3 KVA to 150 KVA
Oil Cooled : 3 phase, 150 KVA to 2000 KVA
Available Input Voltage Range 310- 480 ,340-480,360-460 VAC
Output Voltage 380,400, 415 VAC


Output Voltage regulation as high as +/- 1%
Quick response time 10 millisecond (half a cycle) Introduces zero wave-form distortion
Digital LCD Display
Micro Controlled Processor : Digital Voltage, Current & Frequency Display


Solid state controlled circuits, no relays, no warm-up time. All transformers are copper-wound on CR lamination, double vacuum impregnated Plug-in type fiber glass PCBs with gold-plated fingers for better contact and minimum downtime Synchronous motor drive


High & Low voltage protection, Overload protection with MCB / MCCB, Short circuit protection,
Single phasing preventor, Spike & Surge Protection, Phase Reverse Protection

Quality Assurance

Every unit ‘soak-tested’ for 48 hours. All electronic assemblies oven-tested on full load at 55·9 C 120% overload capacity

Popular Applications

  1. CNC machines
  2. Bio medical equipments
  3. Printing machineries
  4. Telecom equipment
  5. Cellphone networks Large
  6. computer installation
  7. Scientific equipment Textile machineries
  8. Garment equipment