APFC Panel

Reduces maximum demand
Product Range: 20 KVAr to 1000 KVAr


Avoids high current consumption losses
Reduces maximum demand
Saves energy up to 5%
Avoids low power factor penalty
Payback period is 8-10 months
Payback period is 810 months
Low power factor penalty can be avoided
Extended life for Switch Gear, Capacitors and Cables.
Avoid manual disruptions.
Avoid High Current Consumption Losses


Uses small correction steps to maintain accurate setting.
Improvement of power factor upto optimum levels is guaranteed.
Capacitor duty contractors and MCB or MCCB, are used to switched on Capacitors to minimize switching surges.
Used small correction steps to maintain accurate setting.
All components are carefully integrated for reliable performance and longer life.


Avoids manual disruptions
Contains microprocessor based automatic controller with power in-built time delay for switching ON of capacitor bank to avoid impulse signal operation.

Quality Assurance

All major components of standard makes like Siemens, Epcos, L&T, and Schneider All capacitor feeders have auto/ manual facility with fuse protection and isolation.