Refrigerated Dryer

We offer RD Series refrigerated drying unit can deliver the compressed air with quality of air as per ISO specification recommended to various applications. Excessive leakages in compressed air piping! operation! ! Malfunctioning of precious pneumatic Are unlimited p boleros faced by compressed air users in industries.The root cause of these problems is moisture, oil and dust particles in compressed air We Believe Total Customer Satisfaction By Our Reliability And On Time delivery. We Are committed To Customer For Best Services At A ll Time With Our Best Quality We Are Assuring For The Quality At Every Step As We Are Quality Conscious People. Our Every Spare Pass Through Strict Quality Control And Assuring The Best Products piping! Sluggish pneumatic

roofs I machines Malfunctioning of precious pneumatic instruments!!!

Silent Features

CFC Free, Eco friendly refrigerator Constant few point all varying load Two stage effect have moisture Separation Lower Power Consumption
Built with necessary protectors for electrical & refrigeration systems Most modern refrigerant system components and pressures switches Automatic Maintenance free and user friendly\compact design requires less floor space.

Popular Applications

CNC Machines
Bio Medical Equipments
Printing Machinaries
Textile Machinaries
Food Processing Sugar and Rice Mill
Chemical Industries